Intelligent Seat Fold

What is Land Rover Intelligent Seat Fold?

Land Rover, unlike the other car manufacturing companies, has been in the business for a long time and has experienced various shifts through the style of making luxury SUVs, even during the period after World War II. The brand value is, therefore, a quality or a tag that the company earned through its years of efforts. With a new decade having been started this year, new versions of the car are expected to hit the market soon. The 2020 Land Rover Discovery model is already doing good business in many parts of the world.

Over the past decade, the Land Rover Discovery has become a luxury car that accurately defines opulence. It has, indeed, weaved through the contenders on the track to be the first to hit the finish line with its high-end features. Also, since Land Rover Discovery can take you through even the roughest terrains, making it an excellent choice for an SUV. It was with the 2017 version of Land Rover Discovery that the Intelligent Seat Fold feature was introduced in every high-end SUV of Land Rover. Let us have a closer look at the Land Rover Intelligent Seat Fold technology.

Land Rover Intelligent Seat Fold


 Intelligent Seat Fold


What started in 2017 has carried on through the past three years and have been installed in all the versions of Land Rover SUVs. As technology developed, the car manufacturers stepped up in creating more convenient features in the car. Intelligent Seat Fold is one such feature that makes the whole driving experience a peaceful one. It simply is a system that allows you to change the configuration of both the rows behind the driver’s seat remotely. The seats had to be folded manually in the previous models, but with this feature, you need not put extra effort into getting it done; all you need to do is control the setting of the seat using the InControl Remote app. Select iOS and Android smartphones are compatible with the Intelligent Seat Fold feature.

If you have an active data plan and are connected to a network, you can easily adjust the rows of seats even when you are in a wilderness or if you are shopping at a grocery or mall. All Land Rover cars with a seven-position power seating have been equipped with this feature now, meaning that you can have spacious seating for seven adults and also an interior that can be configured to your cargo demands.

The 10-inch screen in the dashboard can be also be used to adjust the second and third rows of seats in your Land Rover Discovery. You can go on controlling it using the buttons on the C-pillars and the luggage area too. When buying any models that have been launched after 2017, make sure that you check this feature, and get the app installed on your phone to control your vehicle’s interior configurations with ease. Get the latest 2020 Land Rover Discovery SE to experience this feature at its best.

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